Experienced, Skilful and Competent

Adventure Philosophy

It is our fundamental belief that active involvement in our natural environment is beneficial to our development as human beings.  We are stronger mentally, physically and emotionally when we are able to connect with nature in a meaningful way.  The Principals of Rubicon Adventures have spent a lifetime in active adventure around the world.  We believe and act on the following Outdoor Principles:

  • We take responsibility for all of our actions
  • We understand that things can go wrong in an uncontrolled natural environment
  • We plan, strategise and build safety into all of our activities
  • We deal with whatever happens in the field as it arises
  • We recognise that great human achievements cannot be made without risk

And that the following is true in regard to all human endeavours...

The greater the commitment - the greater the reward.


David Barlow


Carey Barlow


Douglas Peres

Our Experience

David and Carey Barlow are the Senior Training Guides at Rubicon Adventures.  Their significant personal experience spans over three decades of world adventure in remote and wild places.  They are highly competent and skilful in: expedition adventure racing, caving, rock-climbing, canyoning, white water kayaking, ocean paddling, trekking, mountain biking, back country skiing, ultra running and off track navigation.

Their practical skills, gained from years of outdoor leadership and active participation in the above sports are supported professionally by university qualifications in Education.  In addition, both have numerous professional development qualifications in Leadership and Communication.  This combination of real world experience, significant skill sets and theoretical principles, enables them to provide excellent guiding, mentoring and outstanding support to all of their clients.


All of our Adventures occur in the natural environment.  It is what makes our events special!  We believe in minimum impact and by "treading" lightly we preserve our wild places for future generations.  Our native flora and fauna are unique and magnificent.  This means - we leave no rubbish and create minimal bush disturbance in all of our activities.  We like to leave our wild places cleaner than we found them and will often carry out existing rubbish.