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Our clients share their Rubicon Adventures experience:

Emma Lefroy

"I found myself half way up a boulder, somewhere in the middle of the no where, half grimacing, half smiling and wondering if I would make it to the top of the steep overgrown creek bed we were ascending.

An outing with Rubicon Adventures will push your physical and mental boundaries, leaving you stronger, more skilled, confident and more resilient. On my adventures, David has taught me the basics of navigation - using a compass and topographic map, which I found really fun and challenging. He teaches you how to move through any terrain, quickly, efficiently and safely. In sharing his wealth of knowledge, David has given me the confidence to go out on my own solo runs through the mountains, which helped me greatly in training for the North Face 100.

The physical training in these outings is second to none and impossible to achieve in a gym or city environment. I found my endurance levels were greatly increased by training with Rubicon. There were moments when I was hurting and tired but I learnt how to safely push through my boundaries and draw on my own mental strength. This has been a most positive outcome for me as it has motivated me and changed the way I deal with adversity in everyday life situations.

If you want a fun, educational and exciting day out in nature I highly recommend Rubicon Adventures. If you are preparing for an adventure race or some kind of crazy challenge, then this is a must to gain the knowledge, experience and skills to get you to the finish line. Be prepared for a tough, hard day out rewarded with amazing positive changes to your mental and physical wellbeing."

Dean Grasselli

"Thanks to Dave & Rubicon Adventures for making the impossible possible! May sound a bit like a cliche but at the age of 42 I thought I had tested my fitness to its limit and had revised my goals accordingly. What a surprise I was in for!

I can't really sum up the breadth of the experience in a few paragraphs but suffice to say - giving up is not an option. You just keep going. And the rewards are immense, well beyond the event you are participating in; the resilience I developed is here to stay and the skills I've acquired are forever. And there's nothing like some nighttime navigation to test the spirit! Best of luck to all the racers out there. See you somewhere on the track."

Rajan Thananayagam

"As an Iron Man level tri-athlete, I seek opportunities to cross train away from gyms, swimming pools, fire trails and roads. Having known David for some time, he has been my go-to person as he provides some of the most interesting and challenging cross training activities with an element of surprise.

David's wilderness and orienteering skills are world class. Whether it is trekking across the outback, sea kayaking, white water kayaking in New Zealand, abseiling or orienteering through remote bushland at night, I have always participated in these activities full of confidence - knowing I'm with an experienced professional.

With adventures, there is an element of risk and David is highly safety conscious in addition to being a great risk manager. Prior to a trip he ensures that I have all the necessary tools in the survival kit and has trained me on how to use them in an emergency. As much as I enjoyed these activities, every trip with Dave has been a journey of self-reflection, exploration and learning.

What sets David apart from the rest, is his humility and the connection he has with nature. As a trusted person, David will always be my 'go-to' person for cross training activities and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in doing something crazy outside their routine day to day life!"

Colin Kinnison

"David helped to coach me through some of the most challenging events Adventure Racing has to offer. Through his expertise I was able to push my boundaries and accomplish goals I had never thought possible. His knowledge of all aspects of Adventure Racing such as navigation, nutrition and fitness building gave me the edge I needed to compete in events including the Adventure Racing World Championships - XPD 2011, North Face 100, Capital Punishment and Oxfam Trail Walker to name a few.

My experiences with David have benefited me beyond adventure racing with the skills and determination I learnt empowering me in my daily life. I would highly recommend David as a trainer for anyone, from those starting out, to those that are looking to take their skills to the next step and beyond!"

Kolya Miller

"David is a great outdoorsman and an excellent teacher. I've spent many days and nights adventuring through wild places with David, and I learned so much - and fast! I learned the basics of navigation pretty quick - David is constantly pointing out geographic features and relating them to maps. He gives of his knowledge in a friendly manner, and makes sure I understand. Apart from navigation - I have learned heaps about kayaking, adventure racing, and generally keeping myself safe in the bush. I'd recommend David as a guide to anyone wanting to push themselves beyond their boundaries!"