Expect the Unexpected

Unlike many Guide Services, paying money does not gain you an automatic entry to a Rubicon Adventure outing. Our training environments are difficult, often isolated and sometimes very mentally and physically challenging!

Because of this, we need to determine your capability and suitability for our outings. To do this, every new client MUST complete at least one BASE level outing. On completion, your guide will provide feedback on your current skill sets and capability in the chosen terrain. This will determine your suitability for higher level challenges and provide you with areas to master should you wish to progress up the levels of Adventure Training intensity.

A typical outing may have you engaged in the following:


  • up to 15 km of terrain covered on foot or
  • up to 30 km on a mountain bike or
  • up to 12 km of paddling


  • up to 25 km of terrain covered on foot or
  • up to 60 km on a mountain bike or
  • up to 25 km of paddling
  • At the PUSH level you may have combinations of the above.


  • This is a difficult and challenging outing:
  • up to 45 km of terrain on foot or
  • up to 100 km on a mountain bike or
  • up to 40 km of paddling
  • At the ENDURE level you may have combinations of the above.


  • As night falls the difficulty increases and distances will drop. This Level requires strength, endurance and mental toughness to complete:
  • approximately 35 km of terrain covered on foot or
  • approximately 90 km on a mountain bike or
  • approximately 35 km of paddling
  • At the STAUNCH level you may have combinations of the above.


  • At Rubicon Adventures this a journey that will define you as a person. It encompasses multiple variations of the above disciplines over varied and difficult environments. Should you be able to complete this outing, you will have found what is Beyond Your Boundaries!


  • This is a special level for the best of the best. We'll both know when you are ready - ask us then.

Training Intensity

The majority of our training will have you operating in your lower Aerobic Range. Some sections of each outing will push you into your upper Aerobic Range and there will be opportunity to engage your Anaerobic System if desired!

Average Energy Expenditure per level and outing:

BASE up to 1200 calories

PUSH up to 2500 calories

ENDURE up to 4000 calories

STAUNCH up to 3000 calories

MISSION up to 12000 calories

RUBICON average of 6000 calories per day