Build Confidence and Courage

The Unknown

When you venture into the outdoors, there is one very important aspect to consider: it is not a controlled environment and that is what makes it so special!  Sometimes our trips will not go to plan; how we deal with this becomes part of your training and can add to the overall adventure experience.  Learn to expect the unexpected - it will make you stronger physically and mentally.

Equipment and Safety

At Rubicon Adventures we believe in self-sufficiency and personal choice.  It builds competency, capability, resilience and mental toughness.  We don't provide equipment or food on your outings; you need to come prepared.  To help you gain the most from an outing we do provide detailed guidelines on what to bring.  These outlines can be found in the Resource Section and cover nutrition, fluids, personal gear, safety and Mandatory Equipment.

We are always available to discuss personal equipment and preparedness for any event.  Call or email us and we will help you get sorted!

Every outing will have a Mandatory Equipment list specific to that event which you must bring and carry at all times.  This is for your safety and personal well-being, it also means you are a safer team member.

Depending on your outing, your guide may carry a combination of a mobile Telstra Next G phone, an emergency locator beacon or a satellite phone.   A first aid kit and basic self rescue gear is always carried. All guides have current first aid qualifications.

We take personal and group safety very seriously.

We have a simple rule: no Mandatory Equipment - no outing.

Remember: you are joining us because you want to push your boundaries.  That is your choice and with it may come an element of personal risk.

Insurance Cover

Rubicon Adventures provides Public Liability Insurance up to $20,000,000 and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $5,000,000 for any of its events.

It is important to note that we do not provide Personal Accident Cover

We recommend a minimum of basic ambulance and hospital cover.  We believe that an individual should take responsibility for his or her own health and that Personal Accident Cover is a prudent step for anyone joining an activity.

However, we understand it is your choice as well as an acknowledgement of your personal responsibility for every event.

Rust Proof Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to deliver quality that we offer all of our clients this: If you don't believe you have received value from your investment in a Rubicon Adventure training event, tell us why and we will refund your outing fee - simple as that.