Expand your Mental and Physical Horizons

At Rubicon Adventures, we guide small groups of people who are interested in expanding their physical and mental horizons by training in the great outdoors. Use your strength and skills that you have gained from your regular training and apply them in a different, stimulating and challenging way! Our gym is the natural environment.

We don't do squats, step ups or lunges but we do climb and descend steep mountains, trek through bush, run trails, cross rivers, climb rocks, hop across logs and jump from rock to rock. We call this functional training. We paddle kayaks, ride bikes and sometimes we carry them to beautiful places. Night doesn't stop us, we put on head torches and keep going, nor do rainy days - that's what jackets are for!

You may even find yourself on an outing that trains right through the night, sometimes multiple nights! Our training is not for everyone but for the right person we guarantee one thing: you will find what is Beyond Your Boundaries and on the way, grow your courage, strength, stamina and mental toughness.

Do you have what it takes to join our select group of motivated and passionate people?

Rubicon Adventures takes you places