No Turning Back

We are Adventure Physical Training Guides.   We will train and teach you the skills necessary to safely complete your adventures with us.

We don't train indoors - we use our natural environment. The varying terrains that we select will offer you a unique physical and mental challenge, graded to your current capability.

We offer a range of outings that will test all levels of ability. During your training you could travel on fire trails, roads, bush tracks or no tracks at all! Depending on the event level you may experience scrub, creeks, cliffs, rocks, gullies, canyons, water, steep ascents and steep descents!

On many outings, navigation will be necessary. Your Training Guide will use a map and compass during your journey and on some trips you might have the opportunity to learn this skill under the watchful eye of an expert navigator. At times we use basic star navigation in conjunction with map work on night events.

All outings are designed to fit the current capabilities and skill sets of each participant while maintaining the opportunity to attempt individual stretch goals.

A Rubicon Adventure outing will run regardless of the weather. We train in all conditions. The only time a trip is postponed is when the weather becomes dangerously hot, wet or cold.

If you can't paddle, ride, scramble or climb, that's okay. We know everyone is able to use his or her legs. Our base disciplines are trekking and trotting. And over time we can teach you the other skills!

Our Training Adventures are in order of physical and mental difficulty; the higher the number, the greater the challenge. If some of these Adventures seem daunting or are beyond your current capability - that's okay. You may be happy to stay at a lower level, or over time you might decide to push yourself, develop extended capability, master new skill sets and take on the higher level challenges. The choice is yours - whatever path you choose, you will gain excellent physical and mental benefits from your training.